Garden Grove Collection Lawyer: The Law Office of Timothy Krantz has provided debt collection services in Garden Grove for over 25 years. Our Garden Grove clients include businesses, individuals, corporations, lending institutions, secured and unsecured creditors, bankruptcy trustees, lawyers and law firms on a wide variety of commercial collection claims. As a collection law firm, we handle collection and legal matters for small business owners as well as for Fortune 500 companies with debtors in the Garden Grove area. Our legal representation for creditors extends all over the world and our experience in the practice of Collection Law has been tried and proven. 

Timothy Krantz, Esq., a collection lawyer and principal of the Law Office of Timothy Krantz, has been practicing Collection Law for over a quarter of a century. He is a respected member of the bar and of his community. Mr. Krantz's practice is very active in the collection of accounts receivable, as well as business litigation, real estate and corporate and business law in Garden Grove. The firm specializes in representing a few good debt collection clients who want quality representation at a flexible and fair fee structure.

Our collection lawyers will aggressively and professionally collect or litigate all of your Garden Grove commercial bad debt claims. Our collection law firm, each lawyer, collection staff and legal support personnel comply with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the state collection laws that govern California third party debt collectors. The reputation that we have earned over the years as "Garden Grove collection lawyers" speaks for itself. We are well regarded and respected in the field of Collection Law in not just the Garden Grove area but throughout the credit and collection industries respectively.

Each of our collection lawyers, as well as our collection and legal support staff, are well seasoned professionals in both the debt collection process and the litigation process from beginning to end. We pride ourselves in providing quality representation at small law firm rates. All Garden Grove collection and litigation claims are handled in a manner commensurate with both immediate and long term success, parlaying positive results for each and every client. Providing our Garden Grove collection clients with superior service and support is an attribute that every member of our collection support team and each collection lawyer regards very highly. 

As we are not an Garden Grove collection agency per se, we are Garden Grove collection lawyers, with a collection and legal staff to provide your company with outstanding collection of bad debt claims and litigation throughout the Garden Grove judicial system. Each lawyer is motivated and stands ready to serve your company through a collection and legal services campaign that will provide for the successful recovery of revenue that will aid your bottom line.

Contact our Garden Grove collection lawyers today and discover the difference we can make in turning your bad debt collection claims into revenue producing assets! You can reach us utilizing the information below: 



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Our Collection Law Firm Provides Debt Collection Services Throughout Garden Grove, California.


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